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If you are in the throws of breast cancer, or many other cancers, and you are on the verge of losing your hair or have already lost your hair, the “look good feel better” is a program you should check out. This is a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program that teaches cancer patients beauty techniques to use during their cancer treatments. There is so much that changes during this time.

First off, you lose all of your hair. That can be a daunting concept for almost all of us. We are so used to having beautiful hair, and when it is suddenly gone, you can feel ugly, vulnerable, self-conscious and BALD! Your head tends to get very cold, or at least mine did. Once you start chemotherapy, it is best to sign up for this program. You can do it before you lose your hair, or anytime after you lose your hair. This free program offers free wigs. They usually have shelves of different colors and styles of wigs for you to try on. Once you find one that fits and that you like, you are given the wig for free. I do believe Medicare is charged for the wigs for patients that are on disability. But nothing out of pocket for anyone experiencing cancer is ever charged.

Also during this session, volunteers will show everyone how to tie scarves around their heads. There are also many videos on YOUTUBE that show how to tie different sizes of scarves to cover ones head during cancer. In some of the classes, they will even show you how to cut up a tee shirt and use it as a turban on your head. It is quite clever!

Second, you may lose most or all of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Again, since we are not used to seeing ourselves this way, it can be quite shocking at first sight.Look good feel better gives every attendee a purple make-up kit with all kinds of goodies to use. All products are new and donated by various companies. The contents are matched to your coloring. When you call to register or fill out a form, it asks you about your coloring – skin, hair, etc.

Third, your skin tends to change drastically. It becomes exceptionally dry, and nothing seems to work to make it moist again. There is usually a small jar of creme in each bag to use for dry skin. My doctor also recommended Eucerin creme, not lotion, to use on my skin. I bought a huge jar of it. Unfortunately, I did not use a lot of it because I was too sick most of the time to care!

This program is also a great equalizer. You will see women in different stages of cancer. You will be able to talk to many of them. Some of the volunteers are also cancer survivors. This program is also a lot of fun! Just for a few hours you get to explore new products and meet many women, some coming up behind you and some ahead of you. It is a great learning experience also. I don’t suppose it is a group any of us really want to belong to, but it is nice to know such a group exists.

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